Sunday, April 16, 2006

नागपुर आणि बोईन्ग

बोईन्ग कम्पनि खरच नागपुरात येणार का? नागपुर आणि विदर्भाच्या द्रुश्टिने हे चा.न्ग्ले कि नाहि? या विशयी तुमचे काय मत आहे?
This is a good opportunity in many respects but at the same time we as Vidarbhaittes have to be careful about some of the drawbacks of the development. Nagpur is beautiful city. It has its own grace and history. We need to be careful about preserving the character of the city while allowing it to grow at the same time.
See what has happened to some of the cities that used to be nicest places only a few years back? I was shocked to see the horrible traffic in Pune and the Mumbai-like shanties every where!!! What have we done to one of our greatest cities!!! It is choking up with traffic and pollution.

I heard Bangalore is not any different!!! We should definitely try to see that development of Nagpur does not destroy its beauty with ugly urbanization. I already feel sorry to see the defaced Lokmat Square with the snake like fly-over hanging over it!!! (And which by the way is not of much use any ways as I heard!!)

Now don't take me as some one who is against the development. We need development - but we should learn from what went wrong with other cities and try not to do the same mistakes. We should have cities like Sydney as our role models, where development goes in with a sense of aesthetics. What do you think? Please post your comments