Sunday, April 16, 2006

नागपुर आणि बोईन्ग

बोईन्ग कम्पनि खरच नागपुरात येणार का? नागपुर आणि विदर्भाच्या द्रुश्टिने हे चा.न्ग्ले कि नाहि? या विशयी तुमचे काय मत आहे?
This is a good opportunity in many respects but at the same time we as Vidarbhaittes have to be careful about some of the drawbacks of the development. Nagpur is beautiful city. It has its own grace and history. We need to be careful about preserving the character of the city while allowing it to grow at the same time.
See what has happened to some of the cities that used to be nicest places only a few years back? I was shocked to see the horrible traffic in Pune and the Mumbai-like shanties every where!!! What have we done to one of our greatest cities!!! It is choking up with traffic and pollution.

I heard Bangalore is not any different!!! We should definitely try to see that development of Nagpur does not destroy its beauty with ugly urbanization. I already feel sorry to see the defaced Lokmat Square with the snake like fly-over hanging over it!!! (And which by the way is not of much use any ways as I heard!!)

Now don't take me as some one who is against the development. We need development - but we should learn from what went wrong with other cities and try not to do the same mistakes. We should have cities like Sydney as our role models, where development goes in with a sense of aesthetics. What do you think? Please post your comments



Blogger Dilip said...

Development without a (sustainable) plan can become a big problem. What kinds of zoning laws are there? If aesthetics is married with function and form, conscientious development can frame inspiration while serving practical needs. Perhaps the arts need to play some guiding role?

8:14 PM  
Blogger Binge Cafe said...

Hello Sangeeta,

I agree - we need to look at historical examples to see what has worked well, and failed miserably. Dinner with Dilip also has a good point; a city guided by its arts community in form and some function is invaluable. Creating a space that people want to be in apart from function is the key - somewhere you want to walk or read on your own time.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Prashant Uday Manohar said...

I agree that the development without proper planning sabotages the further developments. This is what has happened to Pune. Nagpur has an advantage over Pune and that it the existance of large number of roads and lanes. I don't agree about your comment about the flyover. Right now it may not be used so much, but it's good that it has been developed already. The traffic problem like in University Road, Pune will never occur in Nagpur because of this. The greenary in Nagpur must be maintained otherwise, climatically, it may become disaster.

10:05 PM  
Blogger सावधान said...

"Vahatuk Tumbane" ha sarv Mothya Shaharanaa Phaar Mothaa Shaap Aaahe.Pune Shaharachi Vaadha Agadi Alikadachya Kaalaatil Aahe. Tarihi Tyaat Yogya Niyojan Naahi, Asale Tari Raajakiy Hastakshepane Tyaachya Amalabajavanit Anek Adathale.
Ashaya Anek goshtinmule Aataa Punyat Paayi Phiranehi Mushkil Houn Basale aahe.
Tyaat Vahanaache "Horn" hi ek vegali Samsya Aahe.Dhwanipradushanabaddal Bolayalacha Nako !
Pune kaay,Banglur kaay,Mumbai Kaay? sarvcha Mothya Shaharanchi Paristhiti Gambhir Hou Lagali Aaahe ase Mala vatate.
Niyamancha Palan Karanyat Aapan kami Padat Aahot, ase naahi kaa Vatat?
Khup kaahi lihinyasarakhe aahe. Pan jaude !

7:53 AM  

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